Cadillac Fleetwood – 149 UXH

Model TypeFleetwood
Registration Plate149 UXH
No. of Seats (Inc Driver)5
Interior Typesilver/blue

Our Car

New to our fleet for 2017 this unique and stylish 1956 American Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special is from the era when Rock and Roll was alive and Elvis Presley was King. This very spacious car can seat four passengers comfortably. A truly impressive and very large spacious luxury American automobile, If you want to create an impression then this is the machine to arrive in.


1956 was the last year for the knobby, P-38 inspired tail fins on the rear of most Cadillacs, including the $4,587 Sixty Special. While the Cadillac division broke records by surpassing 150,000 units, Sixty Special slipped to an even 17,000 this year. Revamped trim included Cadillac crests on the front fenders, and a new grille (with a finer eggcrate design from last year) bearing a Cadillac script emblem, mounted at an angle, on the driver’s side. Sixty Special script appeared on the front fenders below the Cadillac crest for the first time in the series history. Rear fenders held a chrome bead running along the top, while massive chrome spears with hash marks replaced the 1955’s delicate chrome louvers on the rear sides. This chrome side trim morphed into the oval exhaust ports in the redesigned rear bumper. An anodized gold grille was optionally available on Sixty Special, while power brakes became standard equipment. New for 1956 was a larger 365 cu in (5.98 L) powerplant producing 285 horsepower (213 kW) combined with a revamped automatic transmission.

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