Jaguar Kougar – 737RDV – recreation

Model TypeJaguar Saloon - Replica
Registration Plate737 RDV
No. of Seats (Inc Driver)2

Our Car

Our Kougar GTR was the prototype vehicle for a higher performance variant of the popular sports version.  It has participated in a number of sprint and club racing events during its long and illustrious history. The body is finished in black, with matching interior and houses a 3781cc engine with a 4 speed manual gearbox.  This is a truly raw motoring experience.  The vintage looks and performance makes this a seriously fun car to drive and gets a great reaction from passers by.


Rick Stevens founded Kougar Cars in 1979, although the first (approximately 30) cars were marketed by a company called Storcourt Wells Ltd. He built the prototype in 1976 which incorporated an aluminium body, all the other cars have a fibreglass bodyshell.  Rick’s inspiration for the Kougar originated in his ownership of a Jaguar S-Type saloon but recognised that it had a scrap value of only £100 to £200. He also realised that a first class sports car could be made by connecting the heavy lumps of the Jaguar together with a simple light weight body and chassis unit. The sports car design was not directly inspired by any particular vehicle but he admitted to having a certain fondness for the Frazer Nash TT replica and the Healey Silverstone.

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